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(kăr′əl), James 1854-1907.
British-born American physician noted for his research on yellow fever. In 1900 he deliberately infected himself with the disease for experimental purposes.
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Commenting on Alice in Wonderland, critic Roger Henkle reminds us that Lewis Carroll developed his own literary talents through play, beginning as a child by writing nonsense for his own and his siblings' amusement.
His inventory included many Spanish translations of works originally written in English, such as El Viejo y el Mar (The Old Man and the Sea) by Ernest Hemingway, English-language classics from authors such as Lewis Carroll and Jane Austen, and a large self-help section, featuring translations of Stephen R.
Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice In Wonderland" and is most noted for this achievement, but he did so much more, fostering the setting for later computer games, theme parks, and performances inspired by his works.
Lewis Carroll and the Press: an Annotated Bibliography of Charles Dodgson's Contributions to Periodicals.
Children's literature, especially in the past, didn't shrink from depictions of cruelty and sadism; Lewis Carroll, in whom the child-self abided through his celibate lifetime, understood instinctively the child's propensity to laugh at the very things that arouse anxiety, like outrageous injustice, sudden death, disappearing, being devoured.
And we can analyze those meanderings by using the word minimalism to mean, a la Lewis Carroll, exactly what the user says it means.
IT was the sort of twist which would have tickled Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll .
ALICE in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll did come to Llandudno after all - and a professional photographer claims he has proof.
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll (1865) 3.
PLANNERS have backed proposals to dot 19 aluminium rabbit statues around Llandudno as part of efforts to highlight the North Wales resort's links to author Lewis Carroll.