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(kăr′əl), James 1854-1907.
British-born American physician noted for his research on yellow fever. In 1900 he deliberately infected himself with the disease for experimental purposes.
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"They were absolutely lovely, and were showing me lots of Lewis Carroll memorabilia.
"I think Llandudno would be a lesser place if we didn't pay homage to Lewis Carroll."
Use some nonsense vocabulary if you want your poem to be in the style of Lewis Carroll - and remember not all poems have to rhyme.
A Welsh Assembly Government spokesperson said Cadw, the historic environment service, had been unable to find "conclusive evidence" to suggest Lewis Carroll ever visited the property or that the Alice in Wonderland stories were partly written there.
It is unanimously agreed that Lewis Carroll's two Alice stories are among the finest achievements of the British imagination.
According to Screen International, Manson hopes to direct the self-penned "arthouse horror" movie Phantasmagoria - The Visions Of Lewis Carroll.
Inspired by Jeffrey Stern's 1997 monograph Lewis Carroll, Bibliophile, Lovett--a North Carolina-based collector of items relating to Charles Dodgson's life and work--has created a more capacious catalogue of the author and mathematician's library, which was quickly dispersed after his death in January 1898.
In the Realms of the Unreal configures Darger as a kind of weirder, crankier Lewis Carroll or J.M.
Bachelard and Merleau-Ponty have been merged with Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Freud and Jung to create a literary, poetic and scientific analysis of how and why we experience spaces and places in the way we do.