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Gabrielle, French neurologist, 1886-1935. See: Roussy-Lévy disease, Roussy-Lévy syndrome.
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Campaign groups Action on Sugar and Action on Salt have urged the government to add a levy to calorie-dense processed foods that meet an agreed criteria set by ministers.
The letter raises the question whether bookmakers have treated those offers correctly in terms of levy payments and could set them on a collision course with the Levy Board that would raise the possibility of legal action.
The environment levy charged for petrol vehicles is N.dollars 40 per grams of carbon dioxide the car pumps out per kilometer driven (g/km CO2 emissions), whereas for diesel vehicles it costs N.dollars 45 per g/km COA2 emissions exceeding 140g/km.
The organisation launched a petition calling for changes to the Apprenticeship Levy, saying it was "poorly designed, inflexible and doesn't reflect modern working practices".
They point to the actual sums, not only the percentage."The impact of the new levy on retail chains was minimal on the price increase," the Finance Ministry reacted to the latest figures by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (ScaronU SR).
He assured the committee that the funds would be transferred into the Fund Levy as soon as it was established.
Professor Mgbeoji gave the warning in his office while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune on the approved levy imposed by the state government on schools.
Under the "Extension of Taxes and Levies" section, the impacts are "$400,000 to $510,000 borrowed from the Social Security Levy for IMRF Levy between 2013 to 2014," and "$597,451 paid from the IMRF Levy for 'Egyptian Health Department Levy.'"
For the second straight week, the City Council on Monday discussed a proposed ballot measure to extend the city's five-year police/jail tax levy this fall, and possibly to increase the tax levy rate for the third time in the past 11 years.
Little has been said and written about the coco levy fund despite the fact that it came from an industry which is home to no-less-than three million coconut farmers, and whose products remain the country's leading agriculture export.
As per the Finance Bill 2016-17, the government, by notification, may exempt any class of vehicles from the levy of the tax.