André, French obstetrician, 1703-1780. See: Levret forceps, Mauriceau-Levret maneuver.
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UTAH -- Fired women's basketball coach Anthony Levrets.
Bottom line: Third-year coach Anthony Levrets was able to overcome four season-ending injuries to key players last season.
Our alliance with Westcon will get timely product information to BTA members quickly and cost-effectively," said BTA President Monroe Levrets.
Together, BTA and Westcon will bring resellers more education opportunities so they can easily cross over into new markets and profit from the technology solutions they provide," continued Levrets.
We have to take smart shots, and then get back into our transition defense," Utah coach Anthony Levrets said.
Oregon usually plays a zone defense, trying to goad teams into quick three-pointers that will yield long rebounds that turn into fast break chances, Levrets noted, which will be another concern for the Utes.
Aiding Levrets as he prepared Utah for tonight's game were two former UO assistants now on staff with the Utes, Willette White and Velaida Harris.
Alco and Danka are the industry's largest acquiring companies so it seemed appropriate to let dealers hear their side of the story," said BTA President Monroe Levrets.
Independent dealers who feel threatened by dealership acquisition need to look at industry trends and invest in the future of their business," continued Levrets.
We take our role as the source of industry information and education very seriously," said Levrets.
Biggest happenings: Second-year coach Anthony Levrets guided the Utes to the Mountain West Conference tournament championship, and an automatic NCAA Tournament berth last season.
Levrets - Kyra and Heath Levrets, of Springfield, a daughter.