André, French obstetrician, 1703-1780. See: Levret forceps, Mauriceau-Levret maneuver.
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Las primeras descripciones de placentacion previa fueron hechas en el siglo XVIII, por autores como: Schacher de Leipzig, Levret, Petit y Guiffard, quienes demostraron la presencia de una pieza tipica de insercion previa (1).
UTAH -- Fired women's basketball coach Anthony Levrets.
Bottom line: Third-year coach Anthony Levrets was able to overcome four season-ending injuries to key players last season.
"We have to take smart shots, and then get back into our transition defense," Utah coach Anthony Levrets said.
Oregon usually plays a zone defense, trying to goad teams into quick three-pointers that will yield long rebounds that turn into fast break chances, Levrets noted, which will be another concern for the Utes.
Biggest happenings: Second-year coach Anthony Levrets guided the Utes to the Mountain West Conference tournament championship, and an automatic NCAA Tournament berth last season.
Levrets - Kyra and Heath Levrets, of Springfield, a daughter.