levator veli palatini muscle

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le·va·tor ve·li pa·la·ti·ni mus·cle

(le-vā'tŏr vē'lī pal-ă-tī'nī mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, apex of petrous portion of temporal bone and lower part of cartilaginous auditory (eustachian) tube; insertion, aponeurosis of soft palate; action, raises soft palate; through the expansion of its fleshy belly during contraction, it helps to "push" open the auditory tube; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus (cranial root of accessory nerve).
Synonym(s): musculus levator veli palatini [TA] , elevator muscle of soft palate.
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Change in levator veli palatini muscle activity of normal speakers in association with elevation of the velum using an experimental palatal lift prosthesis.
In studying the velopharyngeal mechanism, the paired levator veli palatini muscles are generally considered the primary muscles of closure during speech (Kahane, 1986); however, this is an over simplification.