levator anguli oris muscle

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le·va·tor an·gu·li o·ris mus·cle

(lě-vā'tŏr an'gyū-lī ō'ris mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, canine fossa of maxilla; insertion, orbicularis oris and skin at angle of mouth; action, raises angle of mouth; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus levator anguli oris [TA] .
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Surface electrode recordings on the contralateral musculus levator anguli oris and musculus orbicularis oculi showed findings suggestive of HS.
A total dose of four units of botulinum toxin A was injected into the right levator labii superior muscle, two units into the right levator anguli oris muscle, two units into the left depressor anguli oris muscle, and two units into the right inferior orbicularis oris muscle.
The artery is superficial to the mandible, buccinator muscle, and levator anguli oris muscle.
* the buccal branch, which innervates the procerus, the zygomaticus major and minor, the levator labii superioris, the levator anguli oris, nasal muscles, the buccinator, and the orbicularis oris
The toxin is typically injected into the zygomaticus major and minor, the levator anguli oris, and the risorius.