Gynecology A low-dose OC containing levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol. See Oral contraceptive.
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Breakthrough bleeding episodes were reported more frequently by the Seasonale Lo group than the Levlite group (13.
Emergency Contraception Regimens by Brand Brand Number of pills per dose Repeat in 12 hours estrogen + progestin Ovral, Ogestrel 2 white Cryselle, LoOvral, Levora, 4 white Low-Ogestrel Nordette, Levlen 4 peach Portia, Seasonale, Trivora 4 pink Triphasil, Tri-levlen 4 yellow Enpresse 4 orange Alesse, Levlite, Lessina 5 pink Aviane 5 orange progestin only Ovrette 20 yellow Plan B 1 white (OR may give 2 tablets at once as a single dose) Source: Adapted from Stewart, F.
Doses of Emergency Contraception Oral First Second Dose Contraceptive Dose (12 hours later) Ovral 2 tablets 2 tablets LoOvral 4 tablets 4 tablets Levlen 4 tablets 4 tablets Triphasil 4 tablets 4 tablets Tri-Levlen 4 tablets 4 tablets Necon 1/35 4 tablets 4 tablets Alesse 5 tablets 5 tablets Levlite 5 tablets 5 tablets Source: Dr.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its application to manufacture and market a generic version of Berlex Laboratories' Levlite tablets oral contraceptive 28-day regimen.