Lethal Weapon

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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Forensics A weapon or instrument capable of causing death
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It's also a turnaround for the now 76-year-old The Omen director Richard Donner, too, after his Lethal Weapon series petered out alongside the likes of Assassins, Conspiracy Theory and Timeline.
Using flash-backs to intricate set-piece murders, this low-budget indie wants to be the new Seven, with Danny Glover as the cop on the case - a comedown from his Lethal Weapon series.
The 46-year-old actor has made more than 25 films including Braveheart and the Lethal Weapon series.
The Lethal Weapon series has made a fortune - each one out-earning the last - and the signs are that the fourth will be no different.
Students of American culture will rush to see the latest installment in Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon series, to learn how the beliefs of Hollywood liberals mesh with the tastes and attitudes of a crowd at a demolition derby.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: From Places in the Heart and the Lethal Weapon series, Danny Glover has excelled on stage, screen, and television for more than a decade.
And it's directed by Richard Donner - behind the excellent Lethal Weapon series (though I wouldn't bother renting 4).
LETHAL Weapon series writer Shane Black makes an impressive directorial debut with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (15, also to buy DVD pounds 17.
Ever since Mel burst into Hollywood with Mad Max and manic-eyed Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series, he's played men who are a bit close to the edge.
It's a far cry from the role Danny, 53, is best remembered for as cop Roger Murtaugh, alongside Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon series.
One of the main problems is that director Richard Donner, who guided Gibson through the Lethal Weapon series and Maverick, can't make up his mind whether to play it more for laughs or shocks.
Richard Donner, the man behind the Lethal Weapon series, directs the action sequences with his customary aplomb, including a chase on a bus with punctured tyres and a shoot-out in a low rent apartment block.