Lethal Weapon

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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Forensics A weapon or instrument capable of causing death
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Who played Detective Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series of films?
Gibson's revelation will disappoint many fans of the original Lethal Weapon series, who held out hope that the original stars would return in cameo roles, perhaps to pass the torch on to their younger replacements.
JUSTIN Timberlake has signed up for a buddy cop movie produced by the makers of the Lethal Weapon series.
Famous for his starring roles in the Lethal Weapon series and The Color Purple, Danny Glover will be a compelling guest as he discusses his thoughts on mothers, fathers and families.
Fans seeking the type of hard action and violence seen in Mel's Lethal Weapon series will not be disappointed.
It's also a turnaround for the now 76-year-old The Omen director Richard Donner, too, after his Lethal Weapon series petered out alongside the likes of Assassins, Conspiracy Theory and Timeline.
Director Donner, who previously helmed the Lethal Weapon series, directs the action sequences with his customary aplomb, including a "smashing" chase on a bus with punctured tyres and a shoot-out in a low-rent apartment block.
It arrived without a whiff of hype or bankable star name attached (Danny Glover's glory days in the Lethal Weapon series were long gone before he signed up for this one).
10Who are the two male leads in the Lethal Weapon series of films
In movie after movie--the Lethal Weapon series, Conspiracy Theory, Braveheart, Payback, and The Patriot--Gibson's protagonist suffers excruciating torture at the hands of his enemies, inevitably provoking mayhem that obliterates the forces of evil.
The 46-year-old actor has made more than 25 films including Braveheart and the Lethal Weapon series.
Glover began his incredible acting career on the stage, but is best known for co-starring with Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon series, which earned him an NAACP Image Award and an MTV Movie Award.