Lethal Weapon

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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Forensics A weapon or instrument capable of causing death
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The US Department of State has also confirmed licensing commercial export of US-manufactured lethal weapons to Ukraine.
Expressing shock over the ground situation in IHK, the situation is horrible that Indian authorities use dangerous lethal weapons against Kashmiris, who were peacefully trying to carry forward their liberation struggle.
Police executed a search warrant at his address on November 27 last year and found "a small armoury consisting of two lethal weapons together with ammunition capable of use in each weapon".
Even he is a suitable man for calling the man lethal weapon.
All of the Lethal Weapon sights are durable with a high degree of adjustability.
We're taking lethal weapons off the streets,'' Delgadillo said.
It's a far cry from the role Danny, 53, is best remembered for as cop Roger Murtaugh, alongside Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon series.
If variety is the spice of life, Sure-Loc's Lethal Weapon sights should be included in every bowhunting recipe for success.
That's not the case with the Lethal Weapon franchise - mainly due to the high quality of the writing and the fact that the original cast keep coming back for more.
But we got the last laugh - and here it is, Lethal Weapon 4.
Lethal Weapon 4, the latest in the thrilling, action-packed series, is being released on DVD retail and VHS rental simultaneously.
From the explosive start of Lethal Weapon 4 (15), which sees Mel Gibson and Danny Glover taking on a Robocop inspired baddie, it is clear that there's going to be no shortage of action.