Lethal Weapon

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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Forensics A weapon or instrument capable of causing death
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Expressing shock over the ground situation in IHK, the situation is horrible that Indian authorities use dangerous lethal weapons against Kashmiris, who were peacefully trying to carry forward their liberation struggle.
The need for effective non- lethal weapons arose after the 2010 protests in Jammu and Kashmir left nearly 120 civilians dead in police and CRPF firing.
Police executed a search warrant at his address on November 27 last year and found "a small armoury consisting of two lethal weapons together with ammunition capable of use in each weapon".
Even he is a suitable man for calling the man lethal weapon.
The baton gun - which fires plastic rounds - was the first less lethal weapon to be authorised for police use by the Home Office in June this year.
The sight guard on all the Lethal Weapon sights is essentially round so you can center it in your peep sight rather than centering individual pins.
You cannot take a lethal weapon from the war-fighter and give him a non-lethal weapon.
Lethal Weapon is an action-packed thriller and not a jokey star vehicle that the next three films turned out to be.
VAN NUYS - Hoping to put an end to the San Fernando Valley's addiction to speed, police on Thursday said they will take away street racers' most lethal weapon - their cars.
If variety is the spice of life, Sure-Loc's Lethal Weapon sights should be included in every bowhunting recipe for success.
MEL Gibson could return for one final Lethal Weapon movie - the fifth and last installment of the gun crazy cop.
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) In this outing, the Mel Gibson-Danny Glover formula was perfected but not yet tired.