Lethal Means

Implements, substances, weapons, or actions capable of causing death in a person with suicidal ideation
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Without chemical weapons to deter foes, Damascus would rely on other lethal means to assert itself that, inevitably, would make matters worse for hapless Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and, perhaps, Iraqis and Jordanians.
Reseacrchers said that a test based on these findings might best be used to predict future suicide attempts in those who are ill, to restrict lethal means or methods among those a risk, or to make decisions regarding the intensity of intervention approaches.
In several cases, well-armoured Israeli forces have resorted to lethal means to crack down on stone-throwing protestors causing needless loss of life.
Other risk factors include dependence on alcohol or drugs, lack of a spouse or close support network, access to lethal means, or a previous suicide attempt.
The plan has six steps: recognize warning signs, use internal coping strategies, socialize with others who can offer support and distraction, contact family members or friends who can help, contact a mental health agency or professional, and reduce the potential for use of lethal means such as firearms.
According to accounts gathered by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, "the security forces made no efforts to control or disperse the crowds with non-violent or less then lethal means before opening fire at the protesters.
But while promising greater transparency on counter-terrorism, the closure of the Guantanamo prison and restrictions on targeted assassinations by drones, Obama's heavily trailed and leaked policy speech yesterday in Washington was expected to make clear that, on his watch at least, the US will continue to employ unapologetically unilateral, extra-judicial and lethal means to neutralise anybody it deems a threat to its national security.
Some indispensable data have to be collected by lethal means, which simply cannot be obtained by non-lethal means," it says, adding that death "is as rapid as possible".
The horrific scenes of destruction caused by air raids in the city of Kfar Nebel in Daraa two days ago, as well as the images of the killing of the inhabitants of Daraya in the countryside of Damascus, offer an example of the extent reached by the brutality of the regime in responding to the movement demanding that it leave - an extent that suggests its readiness to make use of other more lethal means as the opposition closes in on it, which has led world leaders to warn it against the consequences of resorting to banned weapons.
The proposed reforms, published Wednesday, follow warnings from top law enforcement officials that violent protesters are using potentially lethal means against police, including acid, crossbows and firebombs packed with firecrackers and metal shavings, AP reported.
A comprehensive approach to suicide prevention should include information sharing, policies that ensure supportive environments are established in schools and the workplace, funding to support suicide prevention curriculum in the schools, increased access to and availability of mental health services, as well as legislation to restrict lethal means to suicide.
At other times of year, more lethal means must be used, depending on the education and politics of a community.