Lethal Means

Implements, substances, weapons, or actions capable of causing death in a person with suicidal ideation
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The soldiers responded by firing live ammunition to disperse the youths without trying to use less lethal means,' said the UNOCHA.
These people have greater contact to lethal means and mostly involved in suicide attempts that sometimes bring drastic results.
Nestadt, contend otherwise, and say that limiting access to lethal means will make a difference.
and its allies, his lethal means of attention-seeking is having an adverse effect on the entire world.
The amendment of these rules of engagement led to a dramatic increase in the use of lethal force by police, apparently in unjustifiable circumstances, including many instances of what appear to be extra-judicial executions (EJEs), with police resorting to the harshest, often lethal means rather than arresting the suspects when they no longer posed any danger.
If you want to have the most impact on reducing livestock predation through lethal means, conduct trapping or hunting right before lambing or calving season," says Barras.
It may be that at least some suicides are impulsive and that the ease with which a person can obtain a highly lethal means of suicide, i.
When society supports the terminally ill in committing suicide-by legalizing access to lethal means and by not engaging in prevention in the same way we do other categories of suicidal people-it sends an insidious and hurtful message that the lives of the dying are less important, and that their families and the rest of us are better if they do die sooner rather than later.
The regime exhausted all its tools The ruling regime of the NCP has not left any lethal means to inflict more harm to the people of Sudan in the Darfur region but used it during the lean years, 26 years of its rule.
History provides abundant examples of strong leaders who didn't hesitate to use the power of the gun and other lethal means in dealing with perceived enemies and rivals.
Mian volunteered to head a two-person effort to reduce central-line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI), a potentially lethal means of blood infection.
Implement a combination of (1) promotion, (2) awareness, and (3) lethal means safety events once a quarter resulting in a minimum of 4 events per year.