lesser tubercle of the humerus

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less·er tu·ber·cle of the hu·mer·us

(les'ĕr tū'bĕr-kăl hyū'mĕr-ŭs)
The smaller and more medial prominence of the two tubercles of the proximal end of the humerus.
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A digital caliper (Standard Gage) was used to measure the distance of the fascicles (medial, lateral, and posterior) of the brachial plexus from the following anatomical landmarks: coracoid process of the scapula, crest of the lesser tubercle of the humerus, middle third of the clavicle, and mid-axillary line at the height of the third rib bow.
(4) Enthesopathy adjacent to peripheral joints is common, and sites, such as the distal clavicle, greater and lesser tubercles, pelvis, tibial spine, heel, patella, and olecranon, have been identified as locations of increased calcification and ossification in DISH.