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I.M., U.S. population geneticist, 1910-1967. See: Lerner homeostasis.
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Lerner David was represented by David Simson, vice chairman, and Dan Reider, associate director, in NKF's Rutherford, New Jersey office, and Michael Jones of Cole Schotz.
Zest Books' operations will move to the Minneapolis office of Lerner Publishing Group.
Lerner is a graduate of the University of Maryland .
One couldn't ask for a better description of "logographic necessity"--a term that Lerner does employ, just as he skirts the term "esoteric." James's critic, uncomprehending, tries to bring to bear the categories of literary analysis: "Is it something in the style or something in the thought?
"These are definitely big shoes to fill," Lerner said.
Lerner's chapter on Maimonides turns out to have the same concerns, but not quite the same answers.
I think Randy Lerner lost interest in Villa around the same time that there was the financial crash and then Martin O'Neill walked out so although the club has only publicly been up for sale for a couple of years it's safe to assume that it has actually been up for sale for longer than that.
Randy Lerner engaged Bank of America Merrill Lynch to advise on the sale with a reported asking price of between PS150 million and PS200 million.
Lerner has been actively trying to sell Villa for just over a year and the American concedes he should have given up the chairmanship earlier as "the responsibilities that I have at home in the US both personal and professional come first".
Lerner had intended to be in London for the semi-final but had to change his plans following the death of his mother's sister.