Leriche's syndrome

reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome

A painful disorder in which there is evidence of overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system with trophic changes in skin.
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At the beginning of 2015, he was diagnosed with Leriche's syndrome and later in September 2015 he underwent a bypass aortobifemoral without initial complications.
Yet, Leriche's syndrome has no known association with CHB.
Therefore, the differential diagnosis of vascular-related claudication during exertion included endofibrosis, atherosclerosis, May-Turner syndrome, Williams syndrome, endothelial dysfunction, eNOS deficiency, scleroderma, Leriche's syndrome, exercise-induced vasospasm, popliteal entrapment syndrome, and Takayasu's disease.
The importance of investigating the internal thoracic artery before coronary artery surgery in Leriche's syndrome. Rev Esp Cardiol 2007; 60(11):1198-1201.