René, French surgeon, 1879-1955. See: Leriche operation, Leriche syndrome.
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El ejemplar mas completo de megalodonte consiste en aproximadamente 150 centros vertebrales hallados en el yacimiento paleontologico de Antwerp (Belgica, Mioceno) (Leriche, 1926).
The patient was diagnosed with Leriche syndrome and requested a cardiovascular surgical consultation; hence, he was admitted to a cardiovascular surgery clinic.
" MEDITERRANEAN Elizabeth Leriche channels the seaside resort towns with their sunny shades, artistic traditions and artisanal craftsmanship.
Modified pudendal thigh flap for perineoscrotal reconstruction: A case of Leriche syndrome with rapidly progressing Fournier's gangrene.
belgicus (Leriche), 1931) which are found in Laurussia (USA, Canada, Belgium, Poland) and Gondwana (Morocco).
The closest condition to our patient's presentation is Leriche's that is described as an aortoiliac disease, which partially explains the patient's thrombotic events [5].
Therefore, the differential diagnosis of vascular-related claudication during exertion included endofibrosis, atherosclerosis, May-Turner syndrome, Williams syndrome, endothelial dysfunction, eNOS deficiency, scleroderma, Leriche's syndrome, exercise-induced vasospasm, popliteal entrapment syndrome, and Takayasu's disease.
In 1906, Vichnevski reported on the anti-inflammatory effects of procaine; and in 1925, Leriche performed the first stellate ganglion block calling it the "surgeon's bloodless knife." It was not until 1926, however, that Ferdinand Huneke, the father of modern neural therapy, first reported using IV procaine in the treatment of chronic migraine headaches.
Yann Leriche, chief performance officer and lead of the B2C business line at Transdev group said, "Our ambition is to offer the best 'PACE' mobility solutions to our clients: Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric.
Matthew LeRiche and Matthew Arnold, South Sudan: from revolution to independence.