Leptotrichia buccalis

Lep·to·trich·i·a buc·ca·'lis

a bacterial species found in the human mouth rarely found in the blood of immunocompromised patients; it is the type species of the genus Leptotrichia.
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La flora microbiana se puede dividir en una flora constante, constituida por Treponema Sp, Fusobacterium sp, Selenomonas sp y Prevotella intermedia y una flora variable, compuesta por una cantidad heterogenia de bacterias como Leptotrichia buccalis y Porphyromonas.
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I highly recommend that you go online and look at the darkfield microscopic presentation of the Regulat breaking down a very high-valence, bacterial, Mucor form Leptotrichia buccalis into the small, healthful, symbiont, symprotite forms.
A number of cases of Leptotrichia buccalis bacteremia have been reported naming such portals of entry as diverticulitis, esophageal lesions, and mucositis and noted mucosal disruption as a likely cause for systemic infection.
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