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Any of a family of elementary particles that participate in the weak interaction, including the electron and its associated neutrino.
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Because [O.sub.l] is dependent on masses of charged leptons that are determined by experiments very well, [[theta].sub.13] in fact is dependent on three real effective mass parameters: [alpha], [beta], and [x.sub.v].
In this paper, we propose that leptons, including the fourth generation, are formed by quark-antiquark annihilations.
Until now, experimenters could find only hints of tau neutrinos' presence, such as energy and momentum missing from decays of the particle called a tau lepton. Nonetheless, scientists haven't doubted the existence of the tau neutrino, also known as nu tau.
Perl found that when electrons and positrons (antielectrons) were smashed together at high energies, still a third variety of lepton was produced.
Perl of the Stanford (Calif.) Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) was a member of the research team that identified the tau lepton in the 1970s.
If so, there are twelve quarks (the ones I've mentioned and their antiparticles) to match the twelve leptons. This may be significant, though no one yet can explain why quarks and leptons should match each other in number, or why that number should be twelve.
But the standard model of fundamental particles and interactions says nothing directly about the masses of quarks and leptons. It enumerates the particles but fails to explain their existence or distinctive characteristics.
The new particles promtply decay into leptons or pairs of quarks, which decay further, producing a spray of debris.
An attempt to provide precision lepton (electron and muon) detection in the trillion-volt energy region, it will be an experiment lasting 10 years and involving "God knows how many physicists.'
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