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Irish mythological figure, usually depicted as dwarflike and somewhat distorted.
leprechaunism - congenital condition characterized by insulin resistance and growth retardation.
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He knew what that meant: If he could capture the leprechaun, the fairy creature would be obligated to lead him to a buried treasure.
The Irish Centre's annual Leprechaun Sheep Race fundraiser is returning in a new guise.
"I called Rory McIlroy a leprechaun and believe me I wanted to call him much worse.
At town hall, the jovial atmosphere continued but with some seriousness as the Leprechaun Society handed out Shillelagh awards to those who merited honors for their contributions to the community.
They know all the Leprechaun stories, and they know all about the magical people who might have lived there thousands of years ago.
Brendan was over six feet in height, bald, with two huge pointed ears - not the usual leprechaun Ellen had heard about.
Both men set up fundraising pages and, using their mobile phones, got their friends and family to dig deep and secure their release from the leprechauns' hideout.
Leprechaun hat You will need Large sheet of green card (A1 size ideal) Orange paper Gold card Sticky tape Glue Method Fold the green card in half lengthwise and cut along the fold.
"Oh, I can always make more cookies," Granny said, "but it's not every day you find a leprechaun's button." She tucked it into her apron.
With the likes of Danelle Kneyse, Andrew Bardsley, Patrick Townsend and skipper Shane O'Neill lining up for the Leprechauns and Adrian Gannon, Robert Jennings, Karen Ellis and captain John Gibbons for the Jets, there will be no shortage of passion, heart and skill on show.
The event will take place on Saturday, March 17, and will see Middlesbrough''s Centre Square taken over by a host of leprechauns aiming to raise money for the hospice.