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Irish mythological figure, usually depicted as dwarflike and somewhat distorted.
leprechaunism - congenital condition characterized by insulin resistance and growth retardation.
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At the edge of the moonlit meadow, the leprechaun waited.
I'm tired of the leprechauns making mischief,'' he joked on Wednesday.
The frenzy began when locals reported seeing a leprechaun wearing a hat staring at them.
Mr Heaney swiftly rearranges the pile of bones he takes from a glass cabinet into a discernible human shape and announces: "Now tell me there is no such thing as a leprechaun.
Carol said: "We need to get in touch with our inner leprechaun and in these times anything that makes people smile is good.
The 38th annual Leprechaun Convention, complete with the parade, Irish step-dancing, music and a baking contest, was a time to "honor the noble deeds of common folk,'' Edward "Himself'' Sheridan said.
Leprechaun Watch claim they set up the camera after a wealthy landowner asked them to investigate unusual occurrences on his farm after a fairy tree was cut town.
Then we go and send our poisoned dwarf of a Health Minister to head up a leprechaun festival in New Zealand as tens of thousands of patients are caught up in yet another misdiagnosis scandal.
When that summer ended, the leprechauns made themselves scarce - but will they return one day
The group of leprechauns, he said, was "fueled by warming libation" under a cold winter sky as they whittled a list of 60 nominees to 17 winners, including one couple, Carol and Kevin R.
And there was plenty of fun for the little leprechauns as well.
CLINTON - All the Leprechauns on the Eastern Seaboard were in town yesterday to celebrate St.