The genus of viruses (family Poxviridae) that comprises the fibroma and myxoma viruses of rabbits; unlike the orthopoxviruses, they are ether-sensitive.
[L. leporis, gen. of lepus, a hare, + virus]
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We compared characteristics of BerSQPV to related viruses and found that the EM structure shows features typical for OPV but the genome size of [approximately equal to] 143 kb is more consistent with PPV or SQPV from the United Kingdom (11) than with the large genome of OPV, whereas the guanine-cytosine (GC) content of 38.5% is more consistent with OPV and leporipoxvirus than with PPV and SQPV from the United Kingdom.
(36) The virus was re-isolated several times and suggested to be a recombinant of Leporipoxvirus and Orthopoxvirus.
The eight Chordopoxvirinae genera include Orthopoxvirus, Parapoxvirus, Yatapoxvirus, Molluscipoxvirus, Avipoxvirus, Capripoxvirus, Leporipoxvirus, and Suipoxvirus.