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Christian Gerhard, German physician, 1846-1911. See: Leopold maneuvers.
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The restoration of the gems (accidentally picked up by Father Brown, of all people) ended the evening in uproarious triumph; and Sir Leopold, in his height of good humour, even told the priest that though he himself had broader views, he could respect those whose creed required them to be cloistered and ignorant of this world.
Father Leopold, the world's smallest priest, is looking for help in building his church--literally.
I first saw this museum in the early 1980s and I was told it was built by Leopold II, king of the Belgians, who was so fascinated by Asia that he contemplated buying the Philippines from Spain.
Nishika Kulkarni, a 33- year- old chartered accountant at a multinational real estate firm and a regular at Leopold, finds this symbolic of the restaurant's resolve.
If positive trials are preferentially published, explains Seth Leopold of the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, doctors will get a skewed impression of a therapy's value: "Novel treatments will appear more effective than they actually are."
On December 1, 1930, Nathan Leopold, one of the country's most notorious convicts, drew a money order from his account in the warden's office of the Illinois State Penitentiary in Joliet.
12), and a new book, The Art of Al Hirschfeld, by exhibition curator and longtime Hirschfeld archivist David Leopold, put the focus where the artist did: on the stage.
Three ships, container vessel Xpress Kailsha, edible oil carrier Argent Cosmos and Oil tanker Al-Soor-II sailed out to sea on Monday morning, while three more ships Leopold Staff, Zhen Hua-21 and Bochem Ghent are expected to sail on same day afternoon.
Stan and Carolyn Godfrey and their neighbors in Buffalo County are carrying on the Leopold legacy by giving back to the land that gives them so much joy and outdoor recreation.
Licensed for public performance, Green Fire: Aldo Leopold And A Land Ethic For Our Time is a Regional Emmy Award-winning documentary about the life and accomplishments of conservationist Aldo Leopold, with particular focus on his contributions to the environmental movement.
But the killing of 14-year-old Bobby Franks by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb was no ordinary murder.