Leopard Spots

A descriptive term for the postmortem non-inflammatory and geographic brown-black mottling seen in oesophagomalacia with mucosal autolysis, which is caused by gastric acid digestion of haemoglobin
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Leominster Road, man lost his German Pointer, short-haired, white with leopard spots, wearing a green collar.
She also has tape adorned with reindeer, skulls, leopard spots, zebra stripes and Hello Kitty cats, along with glow-in-the-dark and camouflage tape.
London, Feb 20 ( ANI ): Providing the first experimental evidence, King's College London scientists have confirmed a great British mathematician's theory of how biological patterns, such as tiger stripes or leopard spots, are formed.
LEOPARD SPOTS Made for rock chicks at heart, leopard has moved on from Coronation Street landladies to become the must-have print sensation.
The Hilali fish with its neon yellow fins and small leopard spots is a colourful addition to the campaign and is not, as yet, commonly used in the kitchen.
Whether you like Lady Gaga-style lace prints, love birds or leopard spots, simply pick a print and designer nail art can be yours in an instant.
Not the usual animal print, Esmeralda Trellis uses paw prints and leopard spots in an airy trellis design.
Livening up your home with leopard spots, tiger stripes and dramatic monochrome zebra markings might feel a bit daring at first so I''d advise treading carefully with this look.
And lashings of Ikat-weave style prints and leopard spots were also on the DKNY, Anna Sui and Vivienne Westwood catwalks.
These portraits of the characters he discovered during his research include men like Tom Leppard, a hermit whose entire body has been tattooed with leopard spots.
You can now go for tiger stripes, zebra prints or leopard spots in an infinite array of dazzling gold jewellery creations that allow jewellery lovers to indulge themselves with little worry about the effect on their budget.
Wallpaper the ceiling with leopard spots in black and white.