Leopard Spots

A descriptive term for the postmortem non-inflammatory and geographic brown-black mottling seen in oesophagomalacia with mucosal autolysis, which is caused by gastric acid digestion of haemoglobin
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The outer ring had the puffy dark patches, known by pizza nerds as leopard spots, that signify a powerfully hot oven.
1 LEOPARD PRINT ANIMAL print was a huge trend on the autumn/winter catwalks, and now leopard spots have leapt into sportswear collections too.
Aside from its identifiable leopard spots and eel body, the giant salamander also has two forelegs, no back legs and a set of gills located at the back of its head.
THE major trend of autumn/winter, animal print is everywhere - but how do you style leopard spots or snakey stripes without looking like fashion roadkill?
■ Fill the leopard spots with multi-coloured glitter.
Lowly stools with spindle legs become chic with leopard spots and matte gilt finish.
The leopard spots can also be seen in 'i wear plastics 1060,' offered in size 53-18-143, and 'Icy plastics 181' offered in size 53-18-145.
Leopard spots and ikat prints in purple, black, red and white were treated to pearl and stone embellishments, and models sported feather skull caps on their heads in the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.
BALANCING high up in the trees, this powerful leopard spots its next meal...
From oversized leopard spots to this super cute scarf, we predict a sell-out.
Repeating patterns that may form when chemicals activate or inhibit one another as they diffuse through a system, such as tiger stripes or leopard spots. Such patterns-named for mathematician Alan Turing, who theorized the phenomenon--may help explain the number of fingers and toes an animal has.
"Rich Georgian strangely shot"; Eugene Grace, "Daisy of the Leopard Spots" and the Great Atlanta Shooting of 1912.