Leopard Skin

A descriptive term for focal macular hyperpigmentation of the skin in a hypopigmented background, accompanied by scaling, which is seen in infection by Onchocerca volvulus
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He wore his leopard skin at first in response to a desire to parade a trophy of his prowess, for he had slain the leopard with his knife in a hand-to-hand combat.
Her bare arms and legs were almost concealed by the massive, bejeweled ornaments which covered them, while her single leopard skin was supported by a close-fitting girdle of golden rings set in strange designs with innumerable small diamonds.
After them walked a great man, who wore a leopard skin on his shoulders, and was laughing, and with him were five or six ringed councillors, and after them again came a company of warriors.
The day being sultry, the leopard skin had been left behind.
Judging by your dress, you must have traveled a long distance, for it is not the fashion to wear leopard skins in this part of the world.
5 feet long leopard skin and a pangolin scale in Odisha's Baripada in the Mayurbhanj district, adding to a number of animal poaching cases in the area.
Bavin Wildlife Enforcement Award in South Africa last year, said, " Initially, we were focusing only on the leopard skin, poison and trapping tools we found them carrying secretly.
A government statement said 1,120 ivory tusks, 13 rhino horns and five pieces of leopard skin were confiscated at Hong Kong's port.
Mariah Carey has also been spotted in a red leopard skin trench coat on her day off from judging TV show American Idol.
The former Pussycat Doll, who is still keeping quiet about rumours that she will fill Cheryl's shoes on the US show, looked a veritable puss in boots as she paraded around in leopard skin footwear and met fans.
Then on Page 29, in the article With the Pensioners was my mam again - she is the one in the leopard skin coat.
He always looked stunning, Lily, on the other hand, was in leopard skin skirts with a cigarette.