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Lionel M., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Bernstein test.
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1) Humphrey Burton, Leonard Bernstein (New York: Doubleday, 1994), 406.
In November 1989, Rolling Stone journalist Jonathan Cott was granted an interview with Leonard Bernstein after vetting by Bernstein's assistants.
This essay aims to demonstrate that, however much respectable discursive sensibilities would have us avoid the sexually tainted, often back-channel information that flags the site of homophobia, such information must be reckoned with in official musical knowledge--particularly in the realm of American modernism and still more particularly in the case of Leonard Bernstein.
As you read on, I want you to think of yourself as the Leonard Bernstein of your company--the conductor, the CEO, the general manager--even if you are not.
Leonard Bernstein of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.
El concierto para violin --aqui en una grabacion de 1963, con la Filarmonica de Nueva York, dirigida por Leonard Bernstein y Zino Francescatti como solista-- es un ejemplo de maestria y conocimiento profundo de las posibilidades de este genero, siempre en el ambito romantico.
So no more dissing the man who had Martin Luther King wiretapped, collected secret files on thousands of Americans from Todd Gitlin to Leonard Bernstein, and organized COIN-TELPRO, which spied on, harassed, and smeared students, feminists, and leftists.
House & Innuendo didn't hurt us that much, because it appeale to a more upscale readership, the kinds of people who like to read vicious rumors about Richard Gere and Leonard Bernstein and Malcolm Forbes," says Wyncotte.
He also wrote The Time of the Cuckoo (1953), later filmed as Summertime, and the book for West Side Story (1957), in which he transplanted the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet from Verona to New York's West Side, with music by Leonard Bernstein.
At the same subcommittee meeting where Dole provided his own rationale, Young did a liberal's pirouette: while praising the 400,000 person anti-war march on Washington and the "fine people on that platform, including my friend Leonard Bernstein," he also took the opportunity to rail against criminals and "judges who have backbones like jellyfish.
UMPG also owns or administers the works of Leonard Bernstein, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Henry Mancini, and the scores of such prestigious musicals as Andrew Lloyd Webber's sensation, Phantom of the Opera.
About 150 pages into The Leonard Bernstein Letters, a fascinating selection of correspondence edited by Nigel Simeone, comes an admonishment from Shirley Gabbis (letter no.