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Leo, Austrian psychiatrist in U.S., 1894-1991.
Kanner syndrome - a severe emotional disturbance of childhood. Synonym(s): infantile autism
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Leo Kanner describio 11 casos de ninos con este trastorno, en un reconocido articulo en el que por primera vez se emplea el termino autismo (1943) y logra describir claramente sus dificultades para establecer contacto afectivo, para comunicarse de manera efectiva y para entretenerse de manera funcional.
Leo Kanner's groundbreaking description of 11 children with what would come to be known as autistic features.
Autism was first characterized in 1943 by a child psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University, Leo Kanner, MD.
According to psychiatrist Leo Kanner, who identified autism in 1943, sufferers have an "extreme aloneness" and are withdrawn and aloof.
El autismo es una entidad clinica, descrita por Leo Kanner en 1943 como una psicosis infantil precoz.