Eloesser, Leo

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Leo, U.S. thoracic surgeon, 1881-1976.
Eloesser flap
Eloesser procedure - transposition of a tonguelike skin flap pedicle from the chest wall into the depths of an incision that communicates with an empyema or peripheral lung abscess.
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Leo Eloesser, her physician in San Francisco (the Riveras had been on the road for much of their two and a half year marriage), is one that clearly discloses the loss of this male child in Detroit as the result of another abortion.
Even Herrera notes, "If Frida's physical problems had been as grave as she made out, she would never have been able to translate them into art." Kahlo's close friend, the famous doctor Leo Eloesser, believed that she used her many surgeries to get attention from people, particularly from Rivera.