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An instrument to measure the power and cylindric axis of a spectacle lens.
Synonym(s): focimeter, vertometer
[lens + G. metron, measure]


(len-zom′ĕt-ĕr) [ lens + -meter]
A device that measures the refractive power of a lens.


An optical instrument for determining the vertex power, axis direction and optical centre of an ophthalmic lens (Fig. F8). The instrument can be either manual or automated. Syn. Lensometer (a tradename); vertexometer; Vertometer (a tradename). See lens measure; neutralization; back vertex power.
Fig. F8 Focimeter (Shin Nippon)enlarge picture
Fig. F8 Focimeter (Shin Nippon)
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Designed with simplicity and quality in mind, devices such as the Visuref 100 autorefractor/ keratometer, Visulens 500 digital lensmeter and Visuplan 500 non-contact tonometer ensure that you have diagnostic quality you can rely on, right from the start of the patient workflow.
In addition, refraction data acquisition from an auto refractometer, auto ref-keratometer, lensmeter and phoroptor via a serial RS-232C is possible.
The VISX laser has used a lensmeter to infer the amount of correction and the Summit laser has used nothing but a power meter," according to Craig Beyer, D.
It is always useful to repeat the refraction and measure the current spectacle correction with a lensmeter to assess whether there is a difference.
RODENSTOCK INSTRUMENT'S new AL5000 automatic lensmeter is the latest generation of lensmeters with touch sensitive control and a high definition screen.