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Robert A., U.S. cardiologist, 1917-2004. See: Bruce protocol.
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A gene on chromosome 2p22.3 that encodes a protein that inhibits apoptosis by ubiquinating apoptotic proteins, which targets them for degradation.
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Q. Can Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) cause a heart enlargement? A friend of mine is suffering from FMF. its usually doesn't bother him that much and when it dose the symptoms are stomach ache and fever. he has no heart symptoms and takes no medications. his physician told him that because of the FMF he might suffer from a heart enlargement, and that he should take some oral medications daily to prevent it. how can it be?

A. This question can't be answered with a strict yes or no.
although FMF on its own can't cause heart enlargement, FMF can cause amyloidosis because of the recurrent inflammation. this may lead to enlargement of the heart which is a severe disease.
the good side is that taking medication can decrease the chance of the cardiac enlargement.

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We are the rightful executioners of a blasphemer and idolater." (14) The rabbinic sages and the authors of Toledot Yeshu were engaged in an existential battle with a deadly adversary and, unlike Lenny Bruce, their unabashed joy in having committed deicide was serious theological business, not an edgy comedy routine intended to stir public debate and sell concert tickets.
(20) On the day that he got the news that he had lost his Hollywood Hills home, Lenny Bruce died of a morphine overdose.
Written by longtime showbiz columnist Eddie Sherman, Frank, Sammy, Marlon & Me: Adventures in Paradise with the Celebrity Set is a unique memoir of hobnobbing in Hawaii with the celebrity scene--from the day Frank Sinatra almost drowned in the surf, to a fake brawl that Burgess Meredith staged in a Waikiki nightclub, to good times shared with Elvis, Lenny Bruce, Bette Midler, Muhammad Ali, and many more.
[is] one of the greatest erotic-burlesque performers ever, even though she would not identify as a burlesque dancer." She trails off an endless litany: Honey Bruce (wife of Lenny Bruce), Kelly Webb, Viva Ruiz, Tigger, Shelly Mars, the Alabama Slammer.
To these events we Americans owe countless things: the comedy of Woody Allen and Lenny Bruce; the popularity of psychoanalysis ..."
So we read that Wynn was the warm-up act for Lenny Bruce, although Bruce and Meader would have been as unlikely a co-bill as Sonny Bono and Jim Morrison.
If comedy in contemporary art seldom appears without qualifiers like deadpan, concrete, or conceptual, Dodge and Kahn's shared comic sensibility belongs to its own idiosyncratic gente, closer in tone and caliber to the artists' cited influences (Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin, and Lenny Bruce) than to the art world's site gag or idea-based sorts of humor.
The Kennedys, Lenny Bruce, Barry Commoner, Ralph Nader--none of them were Boomers.
As he joins Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce in comedy heaven, no doubt his God will go with him.
Showing us how Poe, Pynchon, Updike, Fitzgerald, Eliot, Lenny Bruce, and others inform DeLillo's novel, these writers suggest new ways of re-reading Underworld and "open further speculation" on the work, just as Dewey hopes they might (15).
From Lenny Bruce to Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, comedy has the ability to change minds in a way that nothing else can.