Jean, 20th-century French cardiologist. See: Lenègre disease, Lenègre syndrome.
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Other rare differential diagnoses to consider in this case may be other causes for myocarditis or cardiomyopathies, familial syndromes such as Lenegre disease, cardiac tumors given his history of rhabdomyosarcoma, or syndromes in the rheumatologic realm.
(2,3) In addition, both the primary sclerodegenerative conduction system disease of Lenegre (4) and the sclerosis of the left side of the cardiac skeleton described by Lev (5) may manifest as RBBB + LPFB.
The ECG can also identify athletes with WPW syndrome and ion channel diseases, such as Lenegre conduction disease, long or short QT syndromes, and Brugada syndrome (Corrado et al 2007, Lawless and Best 2008).