A.C., 20th-century Scottish pathologist. See: Lendrum phloxine-tartrazine stain, Fraser-Lendrum stain for fibrin.
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These include 18-year-old Lydia Lendrum, from Washington, and Sunderland's Olivia Murray, 20, who are both set to start degree courses at Northumbria University this September.
Former SAS man Jeffrey Lendrum, 48, is jailed for two and half years for stealing peregrine falcon eggs and trying to smuggle them to Dubai.
Last month, professional crook Jeffrey Lendrum was convicted of attempting to smuggle rare bird eggs out of the country, the first prosecution of its kind for 20 years.
Hawick, who head for Currie, have snapped up three New Zealanders - Craig Dunlea, Joe Edwards and Dean Lendrum.
'Dial is an excellently run and well-known business, but it does not fit with our core activities at a time of competing investment opportunities,' said Barclays Corporate Banking chief executive Mr Chris Lendrum.
It is alleged that Jeffrey Lendrum, 56, failed to declare the eggs, one of which later hatched, when he arrived at Heathrow Airport on June 26.
For the last 12 months 16-year-old Rian Lamb, from East Boldon, and Niamh Lendrum, a 17-year-old from Parklands Golf Club in High Gosforth, have had access not only to the facilities, but also tips from Westwood and regular mentoring from PGA coaches.
In the girls' semis, Tynemouth''s Kelly McNulty cruised through against Niamh Lendrum while Parkland's Sam Taylor beat Tynemouth's Rebecca Ferguson.
Jeffrey Lendrum, an ex-member of the Rhodesian SAS, had climbed a mountain in Wales to steal 14 peregrine falcon eggs from their nest.
Jeffrey Lendrum, an ex-member of the Rhodesian SAS, took the eggs from a mountainside in Rhondda.