Antoine, French surgeon, 1802-1851. See: Lembert suture, Czerny-Lembert suture.
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[1] Later in 18th century Lembert and Halsted established the basic principles and different methods of intestinal suturing.
00 or 0 absorbable, monofilament suture placed in an interrupted or Lembert or Halsted suture pattern.
The suture should pass through serosal and muscular layers in an imbricating (Lembert) stitch.
Rumen was sutured with cushing followed by lembert suture pattern using catgut no.2 after refilling with rice bran and jaggery.
Behind her rises the granite mass of Lembert Dome, a single, puffy white cloud floating above its brow.
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The ventriculus was closed with 5-0 PDS (Ethicon; Johnson & Johnson, Somerville, NJ, USA) in a continuous apposing pattern oversewn with 6-0 PDS in a Lembert pattern.
Lembert sutures of 3-0 Vicryl and an omental patch over the area were used to reinforce the area.
The stomach was closed in two layers with 3-0 PDS (Ethicon LLC, Cincinnati, OH 45242, USA) with a Lembert pattern in the mucosa/submucosa layer, followed by a simple continuous pattern for the serosal muscularis layer.
Longitudinal enterolithotomy is performed to extract the stone (measures 33 mm x 24 mm) (figure 3), the intestinal incision is closed transversely using Lembert suture.
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