(lə-lwär′, lĕ-), Luis Federico 1906-1987.
French-born Argentine biochemist. He won a 1970 Nobel Prize for the discovery of sugar nucleotides and their role in the biosynthesis of carbohydrates.
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Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase activity was measured by the method of Gancedo and Gancedo (1971), pyruvate kinase activity was estimated by the method of Pogson and Denton (1967), lactate dehydrogenase activity was estimated by the method of King (1965), glycogen synthase activity was estimated by the method of Leloir and Goldemberg (1962), glycogen phosphorylase activity was estimated by the method of Cornblath et al.
Coley Award, Cancer Research Institute, and the Luis Federico Leloir Prize for International Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Health, Argentina.
But I enjoy this fantasy scene, engraved after a painting by Jean-Baptiste Auguste Leloir.
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The Atlantic story unfolds chronologically through stunning photography: the book includes 900 rarely seen photographs by William Gottlieb, Jean-Pierre Leloir, Bob Gruen, William Claxton, David Gahr, Lynn Goldsmith, Neal Preston, Patrick McBride and many more.
Glycogen synthase and glycophos-pharylase were estimated by the method of Leloir and Goldemberg (1962) and Cornblath et al.
Gal-1-P is formed in the Leloir pathwayvia galactokinase and cannot be metabolized further, owing to diminished GALT activity.