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Karl, Austrian pediatrician, 1871-1930. See: Leiner disease.
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He also was senior vice president of sales for the vitamin manufacturer Leiner Health Products.
Her resume includes development and engineering roles at Estee Lauder (Stila, Prescriptives, and Lab Series), LVMH, Hard Candy, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Leiner Health Products, General Motors, and Johnson and Johnson-McNeil Consumer Products.
Additionally, he served as senior vice president of sales for Leiner Health Products.
In early June, NBTY, Ronkonkoma, NY, placed a bid of $230 million to acquire Leiner Health Products, Carson, CA, according to NutraAnalyst, Salt Lake City, UT.
Most recently he served as director of marketing for Leiner Health Products.
Bob LaFrerriere, executive vice president of Carson, Calif.-based Leiner Health Products, notes that supplements--including fish oil and glucosamine--have pushed sales.
New picking systems and an "on the fly" DC renovation helped Leiner Health Products change the way it manages order fulfillment.
Leiner Health Products makes four supplements for General Mills: Wheaties Multivitamin provides 100% of the Daily Value for more than 17 vitamins and minerals plus coenzyme Q10, green tea and lycopene.
Leiner Health Products, a manufacturer of private label vitamins and OTC products based in Carson, Calif., secured the marketing rights to the antihistamine Loratadine Immediate Release 10 mg tablets (Claritin 10 mg tablets).
It's also worth looking for a claim like "Release Assured" on the label (it appears on most vitamins made by Leiner Health Products, the largest maker of store-brand supplements).
Formed in 2002 when former Leiner Health Products executive Dave Brubaker teamed up with Dr.
In addition, its acquisition at auction last year of Leiner Health Products Inc., which is now fully integrated into NBTY's wholesale/U.S, nutrition segment, has given it a healthy piece of the rapidly growing private label business.