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Ernst V. von, German physician, 1832-1910. See: Leyden ataxia, Leyden crystals, Leyden neuritis, Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy.
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We show that immunotherapy can be efficiently combined with PDT to eradicate established tumors, based on strong local tumor destruction and the induction of a robust systemic immune response," the Leiden group reports online ahead-of-print in the 6 November 2015 issue of the medical journal, Clinical Cancer Research.
Meanwhile, Leiden wasted another opportunity with goalkeeper Harjot Singh making an excellent penalty corner save this time.
Follow-up in the studies in the meta-analysis varied from 6 months to 30 months; three data sets followed patients for 1 year, as did the study from which the Leiden CPR was derived.
Police have received mention about a possible school shooting (being planned) in Leiden," the authorities said in a statement.
Tapia is a transfer pricing and international tax specialist who came to the International Tax Center at Leiden University from the Mexican Ministry of Finance, where she negotiated bilateral agreements with foreign tax competent authorities.
Those testing positive for Factor V Leiden are at a higher risk for embolism (dislodged blood clots) and resulting complications, including stroke, heart attack and even death," explained Dr Mohamed Yaman, Chief Medical Officer of Mafraq Hospital.
Shire's Chairman Matthew Emmens said "The Board of Shire thanks Dr Leiden for his significant contribution to Shire.
AaAaAa The meeting explored the possibility of holding regular meetings for professors supervising the chair in the Sultanate, the probability of creating a Website for all of the chairs available at the world universities, publishing sufficient information on the establishment of the chair, the possibility of dispatching a number of Omani students to share the academic expertise with Leiden University.
Factor V Leiden, Factor V 1691 G-A, FVL" were used as key words and cross-searched with the key words "Turkish population and Turkey".
Factor V Leiden has been associated with risk of miscarriage and possibly other complications, but most women with the mutation have normal pregnancies, he noted.
An example of the last, Roelof van Straten's Young Rembrandt: The Leiden Years, 1606-1632, appeared within this broader context of Rembrandt celebrations.