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n the act of making or forming law, or the laws and/or statutes formed by the legislative process.
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Some new members rely on their staffs rather than bothering to learn legislative procedures themselves.
The EP clearly spelled out the elements of the regulation to be managed under the ordinary legislative procedure, in which the Council and Parliament act as co-legislators (co-decision), or under delegated acts and/or implementing acts entrusted to the European Commission.
British workers in particular have benefited greatly from the UK's membership of the EU, with them being granted many more rights than they otherwise would have had if the Westminster Government had the burden of having to go through the full legislative procedure to achieve alone the forms of social change that we are achieving much faster as a result of national governments co-operating at EU level.
The purpose of the workshop was to discuss recommendations for reform from previous thematic lawmaking workshops, conducted in Armenia in 2015, and from OSCE/ODIHRs 2014 report on the Comprehensive Assessment of the Legislative Procedure in Armenia.
The new treaty also states that the European Parliament and Council can, using the ordinary legislative procedure, adopt the measures necessary for the implementation of the ERA.
Mason first published his Manual of Legislative Procedure for the California Legislature in 1935.
Furthermore, the European Parliament will have to be consulted by the Commission, if it intends to withdraw a legislative proposal, but also by the Council, if it wants to modify a legal basis during an ongoing legislative procedure.
Paragraph 1 maintains the general application of the ordinary legislative procedure (co-decision; Article 251) for the adoption of decisions pertaining to environmental policy, after consultation with the Committee of Regions and the Economic and Social Committee.
It is understood that he will signal a radical departure from the current legislative procedure by asking the select committee to scrutinise the forthcoming Bill to save parliamentary time.
The proposal should now be examined by the European Parliament and Council under the ordinary legislative procedure, with a view to reaching a decision next year, before the expiry of the EIB's current mandate.
MEPs include the Mediterranean in the conflict pitting them against the Council over multiannual management plans, spelling out that "the EP and Council, acting in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, on a proposal from the Commission, shall adopt management plans for specific Mediterranean fisheries, in particular in areas totally or partially beyond the territorial waters of member states".

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