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disease caused by infection with Legionella species, such as L. pneumophila.
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Le·gion·naires' dis·ease

an acute infectious disease, caused by Legionella pneumophila, with prodromal influenzalike symptoms and a rapidly rising high fever, followed by severe pneumonia and production of usually nonpurulent sputum, and sometimes mental confusion, hepatic fatty changes, and renal tubular degeneration. It has a high case-fatality rate; acquired from contaminated water, usually by aerosolization rather than being transmitted from person-to-person.
Synonym(s): legionellosis
[American Legion convention, in Philadelphia in 1976, at which many delegates were so affected]
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A disease caused by infection with a Legionella bacterium.
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In Illinois, Legionnaires' disease has been a serious problem at a veterans home in Quincy operated by the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs.
Wojcik also told (https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/legionella-springfield-capitol-470619393.html) NBC 5 News : "Out of an abundance of caution and because of heightened awareness and continued misconceptions about Legionnaires' disease, we want to make you aware of preliminary test results that indicate the possible presence of Legionella bacteria in the Capitol Complex hot water system."
According to CDC, the number of people being diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease in the US grew by nearly four times from 2000 through 2014.
AN investigation has begun into a rise in cases of the potentially deadly Legionnaires' disease in one part of Wales.
Georgia health officials Tuesday confirmed one death after an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Atlanta.
TUESDAY, July 30, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Legionnaires' disease has been diagnosed in 11 people who stayed at the Sheraton Atlanta, and there have been another 55 probable cases, Georgia health officials say.
The bacteria - found in water systems - can cause Legionnaires' disease, a rare form of pneumonia.
A WARNING has been issued over the high number of confirmed Legionnaires' disease cases in the Vale of Glamorgan during the past 10 months.
On average, there are around 30 cases of Legionnaires' disease in the whole of Wales each year.
Dubai: A senior Dubai Municipality official on Monday denied a report claiming that a Dubai school was forced to close temporarily as a result of Legionnaires' disease caused by water contaminated with bacteria.
Such outbreaks can range from the life-threatening Legionnaires' disease to itchy hot tub rash.