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the title given to retired servicemen.
Legionnaire disease - an acute infectious disease characterized by a severe and often fatal pneumonia; first outbreak occurred at a Legionnaire convention in Philadelphia in 1976.
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Legionnaires bacteria can thrive in showers or air conditioning systems that are not used for a time.
After that mudbath the legionnaires had to do their laundry by the river bank.
Dr Peter Christie, who is in charge of the water probe, said: "What we are dealing with is circumstantial in that we have two people who have developed Legionnaires on the same ship.
The most recent outbreak of Legionnaires in the country was in 2002, when seven people died and 180 were ill after contracting the disease through faulty air conditioning in a leisure centre in Barrow.
When only about fifty-nine people per year in California contract Legionnaires Disease, and nineteen of them happen to work in the Borax Building, we know there is a serious problem," remarked Brian Kabateck, founding partner of the law firm, Quisenberry & Kabateck LLP.
A patient was diagnosed with Legionnaires, a rare form of pneumonia, during routine tests after being transferred to the centre, a specialist heart and chest hospital, last week.
Meanwhile, a plumber thought to have cleaned cooling towers is being treated for Legionnaires in Newport, South Wales.
Yesterday's alert comes less than a month after four people died from Legionnaires and a further 128 contracted the disease in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.
Dr McCormick said medical teams were trying to identify other unidentified cases of Legionnaires to establish the true scale of the Edinburgh outbreak.
As they admitted the general charges -- that they didn't exercise the necessary checks resulting in the legionnaires developing in the system and affecting and killing the babies -- the specific charges regarding each and every child have been dropped," said Mappourides.
Volpe also explained how the legionnaires fought in battle, using a pilum (javelin) as their first method of attack, and why the legionnaire's 17-inch sword was better than a three-foot one.
Stephen said: 'Living in Glasgow with a drug problem is far tougher than spending time with Legionnaires.