Legendre, Gaston J.

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Gaston J., French physician, 1887–.
Legendre function
Legendre sign - in facial hemiplegia of central origin, when the examiner raises the lids of the actively closed eyes, the resistance is less on the affected side.
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We define the fractional-order Legendre functions (FLFs) by introducing the change of variable t = [x.sup.[alpha]] and [alpha] > 0 on shifted Legendre polynomials.
A new operational matrix of integration for fractional-order Legendre functions (FLFs) is first derived.
The general solution of this equation is suitable written as a linear combination of associated the third kind Legendre functions [R.sup.[+ or -]1/2.sub.v] [3].
The most important special functions are known as: Bessel functions, Hermite functions, Legendre functions, Laguerre functions, Chebyshev functions etc., [10].
Here [P.sup.D.sub.m] denotes the associated Legendre functions, defined by
S (Approximations of Special Functions) has new routines for polygamma functions, zeros of Bessel functions, jacobian functions, elliptic integrals and associations Legendre functions.
It has more than 800 built-in functions or objects, from simple trig relations to complex Legendre functions.
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