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Gaston J., early 20th-century French physician. See: Legendre sign.
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In Section 3, we introduce and analyze the Legendre collocation scheme to approximate the solution of (1.1).
where k =1, 2, ..., [??] = 2n - 1, n =1, 2, ..., [2.sup.k-1], m = 0, 1, ..., M - 1 is the degree of the Legendre polynomials and M is a fixed positive integer, and [P.sub.m](t) are the Legendre polynomials of degree m.
Keeping this in mind, the UAE-based OBS Group teamed up with Legendre Group of France, a renowned global player in the transport and logistics sector, last year for a joint venture headquartered in Dubai.
We used a Variance Partition Analysis (Dray et al., 2012; Legendre et al., 2012) to evaluate the effects of the chemical and granulometric properties of the soil and spatial autocorrelation separately, as well as the effect of the shared portion of these predictor variables.
Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman, Chairman of the OBS Group, stated: "We are pleased that this significant growth opportunity has advanced from a joint venture with Legendre Transport and Logistic Group.
The torsional PES of each isomer, expressed as a function of the torsional angles, can be expanded in terms of Legendre polynomials:
Even if the strong forward scattering peak has been removed by the above techniques, the phase function itself still needs to be parameterized with limited terms of Legendre polynomial expansion.
If we take x = cos[theta] [member of] [-1,1], then (3) is modified as a universal associated Legendre differential equation
In [29], the authors constructed the linear Legendre multiwavelets.