Legal test

Le·gal test

a test for acetone; the urine is rendered alkaline by a few drops of a solution of potassium hydroxide, and to this are added 2 or 3 drops of a freshly prepared 10% solution of sodium nitroprusside; it is colored red, then yellow; then a few drops of acetic acid are trickled down the side of the test tube and at the line of junction of the two fluids is formed a carmine or purple ring.


Emmo, German physician, 1859-1922.
Legal test - a test for acetone.
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Yaroslavsky, who called Clayton's plan ``radical,'' said it won't meet the Department of Justice's legal test because it would fragment Los Angeles - putting the city in five districts instead of two - while linking two regions that have little in common, the San Fernando and Antelope valleys, he said.
News Corporation continues to believe that, taking into account the only relevant legal test, its proposed acquisition will not lead to there being insufficient plurality in news provision in the UK.
The determination of the case is on a balance of probabilities, as opposed to the higher legal test in criminal matters of "beyond reasonable doubt".
The legal test case against Joseph 'Brother Flo' Scally were launched last week in the High Court in Belfast.
Rejecting Mr Siraj's challenge, the judge said none of his criticisms, "individually of collectively", served to undermine the council's decision and arguments that Kirklees had failed to apply the correct legal test for Green Belt developments "clearly failed".
But with a legal test case on sky-high bank charges looming, RBS bosses have seen the writing on the wall and decided to act first.
At the Commercial Court on Friday, Mr Justice Kelly said he was not convinced the companies had proven they met the legal test of having a reasonable prospect of survival.
A DWP spokeswoman said, "Jobcentre Plus is required to advertise any legal job within the adult industry, a requirement which was confirmed in a legal test case brought by the Ann Summers company in 2003.
Proudest moment: Helping to establish a precedent in the Court of Appeal concerning an important legal test for the emission of pollutants.
BIRMINGHAM may be banned from evicting bands of travellers from its parks and playing fields by a legal test case.
For land to be registered as a TVG the legal test set out in section 22 of the Commons Registration Act 1965 (as amended by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000) must be satisfied.
The trip is also the next step in a Plaid-backed legal test case by Sid Jenkins, who worked at ASW for 41 years and intends to use the European directive to sue the Government.