Legal test

Le·gal test

a test for acetone; the urine is rendered alkaline by a few drops of a solution of potassium hydroxide, and to this are added 2 or 3 drops of a freshly prepared 10% solution of sodium nitroprusside; it is colored red, then yellow; then a few drops of acetic acid are trickled down the side of the test tube and at the line of junction of the two fluids is formed a carmine or purple ring.


Emmo, German physician, 1859-1922.
Legal test - a test for acetone.
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In the ruling, the court concluded that the judge, Justice Stuart-Smith, misdirected the case to the jury when applying the legal test of "foreseeability" of the outcome of Vincent's death.
The legal test which he applied was whether further treatment would be in Charlie's best interes ts and in his order he expressly found that it would not be.
Yesterday, judges Lady Dorrian, Lady Paton and Lord Menzies ruled that the original tribunal had not applied the correct legal test when considering the case.
The charge against her "simply does not meet the legal test for serious professional misconduct", the lawyer argued.
The legal test for cessation is that one either acts to show one no longer needs protection or one's country has now changed in ways that make it safe to return.
After an extensive review of both English and French historic records about the region, the researchers concluded that a distinct, inter-related Metis population emerged in the Mattawa/Nipissing study region in the early 1800s and that this historic Metis community meets the legal test set out by the Supreme Court of Canada in R.
Over 40,000 loan applicants are expected to see a reduction in the terms of their loans following a legal test case which questioned the wording in past loan documents.
Political observers and legal experts say that a 12 per cent reservation will also face a legal test in the High Court and Supreme Court.
This case now sets a precedent that anyone who meets the new legal test will be considered to be deprived of their liberty and subject to a protective care regime.
But Mr Justice Supperstone said the council had applied too tough a legal test and Miss Walford only had to show that Sunnydene was her "only or main home".
Over the last year the names of 108 people were scrubbed off following a legal test case.
A Crown Office spokesman said: "A strict legal test must be satisfied before a crown appeal against sentence can be successful.