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However, if Mr Barber has any evidence that the paintings are not the legal property of the RAF he should provide it and we will review the matter further.
Of course, they will be obliged to continue paying the costs for the legal property in the future too.
Cuba isn't likely to experience a housing boom anytime soon - the construction industry on the island is virtually nonexistent, and there remain legal property rights issues for the courts to sort out.
The government also confiscated around $7 million worth of silver, much of it the legal property of von NotHaus' customers.
The fact that these Jews have legal property rights doesn't help us in the long run -- what happens if Palestinians start claiming their own property rights?
Wright Hassall, of Leamington Spa, will provide legal property services for TUI Travel in England and Wales alongside other external resources and TUI's own in-house specialists.
Demanding silence and obedience are their credo or modus operandi, followed by threats, then arrests and dispossession of citizens= =92 legal property.
In particular we're gearing up for the biggest ever shake-up of the conveyancing industry which calls for a new and modernised approach to the provision of legal property services.
It might well be that widespread belief in moral property rights generates greater compliance with legal property rules than would the legal rules standing alone, but the authors would need to do more to demonstrate that such widespread moral beliefs are indispensable, that without them chaos would prevail.
Editorial includes information on such topics as: operating a small dairy farm; exploring alternative incomes; raising chickens; the increase in organic markets; training horses; nutrition and health advice for cattle farmers; new products and equipment; energy conservation; restorations; legal property issues; and, new technologies.
Increasing poor people's access to property and shelter in urban settings raises difficult questions over how to define property and, likewise, how to communicate who is entitled to legal property protections.
The Hart system was intended to reduce the time associated with matching legal property documents with potential parcel identification numbers and property schedule numbers as well as to integrate a legacy platform with a newer information system.

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