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judicial process,

n the rules that determine the role of judge and jury in the courtroom as well as the jurisdiction of the individual courts over specific areas of law.
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To avoid NTS and other legal procedures, the PTI nazim along with tehsil municipal administrator changed the cadres and made them equal to Class-IV, he added.
Summary: His team will legal procedures before UK courts for punishing ex-prime minister for crimes against humanity
No date has yet been set for the formal opening of the procedure: the two delegations - Parliament and Council - appear keen to focus on negotiations upstream (in the context of the informal 'trialogue') before launching the legal procedure and thereby committing to a rigid timetable (six weeks +2).
In its Conveyancer of the Year category the Western Mail Property Awards seeks to recognise those members of the legal profession, who specialise in a legal procedure that touches so many lives and whose work is to deliver a better service for home buyers and sellers.
Noting that the federal government's failure to appeal lower appeals courts' decisions led the way to creating a "right" to same-sex "marriage," the Centre's lain Benson concludes that "the government has played fast and loose with legal procedure to ensure that same sex 'marriage" occurs in Canada.
The Third Circuit judge pointed out the ruling came too late to help the taxpayers for tax years 1993 to 1995--the Pennsylvania decision wasn't converted into legal procedure until 2000 and there was no clear evidence of retroactive application.
or within the exercise of their activity in the interest of this client when this activity is linked to a legal procedure.
Upon reflection I came to feel that this kind of life could not be lived honestly in any event: that whatever legal procedure awaited me at the end of my days, I would have to deal with it when it arose rather than trying to anticipate it and alter my behavior to improve my chances in it.
The Skillern family's Kendall Automotive Group and Steve Romania's Romania auto dealerships have merged in a legal procedure known as a forward triangular merger.
As Bass writes, the Nazis were "accorded the benefit of legal procedure as it had evolved in America, because of an American belief in the rightness of its own domestic legalism"
Lememan dedicates the bulk of Alienated Affections to delineating the salient characteristics of Scottish divorce and separation cases in terms of the central elements of legal procedure and the social identity of the litigants.
Not only do legal provisions draw on accepted social norms -- including those that inform literary texts -- but the textual modeling of legal procedure both assumes and promotes a set of common values about the most desirable human qualities and their social application.