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Second, expert testimony may also be permitted when it is based upon adequately explored legal criteria in which a sufficient foundation supports the witness' expertise to determine the potential legal effect of the facts.
legal criteria and keeping its denuclearization commitments, including providing a complete declaration of its nuclear programs.
Further, we did not attempt to determine whether the firms listed in this report meet the legal criteria specified in ISA, as amended by CISADA, and we did not attempt to determine whether reported transactions were conducted on or after July 1, 2010--the date of enactment of CISADA.
In the case of healthy pregnancies which do not meet the legal criteria for abortion, women are given accurate information on the relative risks of a range of different abortion methods.
What legal criteria are compatible with organ donationlegal considerations.
access and call origination, the wholesale national market for international roaming and voice call termination) and propose an analytical grid of the legal criteria for "relevant market" selection applied to mobile markets.
The legal terms are captured in a centralized database allowing attorneys to retrieve documents based on extensive legal criteria.
Macedonia entered a phase in which the extraordinary elections are regarded as possibility for a positive change, but new elections should be organized by other standards and legal criteria.
The move by Turkish regulator came after it found that the bank failed to meet some legal criteria and was involved in an illegal share sale.
EU diplomats reached a preliminary agreement this week to expand the legal criteria for imposing sanctions on Russia, with the goal of making it easier to freeze the assets of companies involved in the Ukraine crisis.
Colors exempt from certification also must meet certain legal criteria for specifications and purity.
Simply labeling employees as "independent contractors" without satisfying the necessary legal criteria for this distinction means running the risk of fines from the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor, and state unemployment agencies.