left main bronchus

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left main bron·chus

[TA] Avoid the incorrect term left main stem (or mainstem) bronchus.
primary division of the tracheobronchial tree arising as the left branch of the bifurcation of the trachea, then passing in front of the esophagus and enters the hilum of the left lung where it divides into a superior lobe bronchus and an inferior lobe bronchus. It is longer, of narrower caliber, and more nearly horizontal than the right main bronchus, hence, aspirated objects enter it less frequently.
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A rigid bronchoscopy showed bronchomalacia of the left main stem bronchus. A chest X-ray (Figure 1A) and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) scan of the chest and abdomen noted a tubular thoracic cage, some basal atelectasis, no pulmonary hypoplasia and a large omphalocele which contained much of the liver.
A rigid bronchoscope was inserted via the stoma and directed into the left main stem bronchus. The brush, which was firmly wedged in the lower lobe bronchus, was extracted with an alligator forceps (figure 2).