left main bronchus

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left main bron·chus

[TA] Avoid the incorrect term left main stem (or mainstem) bronchus.
primary division of the tracheobronchial tree arising as the left branch of the bifurcation of the trachea, then passing in front of the esophagus and enters the hilum of the left lung where it divides into a superior lobe bronchus and an inferior lobe bronchus. It is longer, of narrower caliber, and more nearly horizontal than the right main bronchus, hence, aspirated objects enter it less frequently.
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After a month, the narrowed part of the oesophagus was dilated, but simultaneously the doctors detected a suspected fistulous communication between the stricture and the left bronchus (respiratory tube).
During the procedure, a suspected fistulous communication was detected between the stricture and the left bronchus (respiratory tube).
They eventually intubated the left bronchus through the surgical field.
Computed tomography of the chest revealed right lung agenesis with resultant complete dextroposition of the heart, compression of the distal trachea, and proximal left bronchus beneath the aorta (Figure 2).
Entry into the right main bronchus is more often than into left bronchus as the right bronchus is straight in line with trachea, shorter and more in diameter.
5 reinforced tube was introduced through the left bronchus to aid ventilation of the left lung.
Osseous pinch caused by compression of the chest wall with concomitant rupture of the aorta and transection of the left bronchus seems to be the most likely mechanism in this case.
FIGURE 2 OMITTED] The patient, after preoperative preparation, is diagnosed with bilateral echinococcosis of the lungs, rupture of echinococcosis cyst in the left bronchus and respiratory insufficiency of the II degree.
Another possible cause of desaturation during bronchoscopy may be a combination of an occluded right main bronchus due to a foreign body, with a non-ventilated left bronchus due to the ventilating tip of the bronchoscope being in the right bronchus.
A fiberoptic bronchoscopy revealed a whitish lesion at the left bronchus.
Initially, a partially covered SEMS was inserted into the main left bronchus with a distal opening into the left lower lobe bronchus (length 30 mm, diameter 8 mm).