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verb An obsolete Middle English term meaning to exude, as in eczema; it is not used in the working medical parlance.
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low-energy emission therapy



An alternative treatment for sleep disorders in which the oral mucosa is stimulated by low-wattage electromagnetic fields.
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Of the two insecure attachment styles, Avoidant attachment has been linked to negative factors, such as "rejection, unresponsiveness, and hostility on the part of early caregivers" (Cole & Leets, 1999, p.
Warwick Court Leet's Ale Taster still organises an annual ceremonial tasting at pubs in the town.
(184.) See Leets & Giles, supra note 159, at 290 (finding that
"I have the right to have court leets, who had rights of 'frankpledge' [sharing of responsibility] and I hold court with 12 men of the manor who were either born into it or appointed.
[22.] Garcia-Casal MN, Layrisse M, Solano L, Baron M, Arguello F, Llovera D, Ramirez J, Leets I and E Tropper Vitamin A and [beta]-carotene can improve nonheme iron absorption from rice, wheat and corn by humans.
School counselors can lead guidance lessons that provide activities for students to learn about moral inclusion and exclusion, which parallels major tenants of peer intolerance for bullying advocated in many anti-bullying prevention programs (Leets & Sunwolf, 2005; Opotow, Gerson, & Woodside, 2005).
Letters: ABDEILNORST SLEET RANID STAIN REDIA RATES SOBER EROSE ABORT LITRE TIARA NAILS DEBAR leets tains tabor relit snail ardeb barde In the diagrams above, the lowercase words are those that result from reading one of the uppercase words starting at a different letter.
The deal will see PT again among the top telecommunications services providers in Brazil, he added.Country: Brazil, Sector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Tele Norte Leets Partricipacoes SA (Oi)Buyer: Portugal Telecom SGPS SADeal size in USD: 5bnType: StakebuildingStatus: AgreedComment: PT has no plans to raise the stake further.
According to Cole and Leets (1999), those with anxious-ambivalent attachment styles in interpersonal relationships are the most likely to form parasocial bonds.
Both firms could benefit if, as is likely, Birmingham is joined by other West Midlands councils in a dash to comply with government emissions targets by replacing their polluting petrol-driven f leets.
Ron Nelson, president of the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, along with the YMCA branch executive directors and wellness directors, the program director for Gerontology Network"s Traveling Grannies/Grandpas statewide program, the wellness director at Holland"s Evergreen Commons Senior Center, and manager of Forest Hills Seniors Community Services Programs, joined Spartan Stores" registered dietitian Heather Leets for a demonstration about the program and how to create healthy meals, including healthy back-to-school lunches, senior meals and portable work meals on a budget using the new labeling guidelines.