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Edgar August, early 20th-century French physician. See: Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome.
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Other former Perry donors now backing Cruz include Deason's son Doug, Cinemark founder Lee Roy Mitchell and his wife Tandy, Dallas insurance executive Roy Bailey, Houston investor Jim Lee and Dallas tax consultant Brint Ryan.
David Nelson recounts his experiences with best friend Lee Roy Herron as they grew up in west Texas and attended Texas Tech University before getting caught up in the fray of Vietnam.
LEE ROY SELMON'S Founded by NFL Hall of Famer and famed Tampa Bay Buccaneer the late Lee Roy Selmon, this sports-themed restaurant is the perfect place to cheer on your favorite team.
Parsons is pleased to announce that the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway deck replacement and widening project has received an Outstanding Project Award from the Florida Institute for Consulting Engineers (FICE) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).
Lee Roy Myers, who co-owns Mission Control studios, now in Sin City, and also directs web films, said that Vegas is a fresh town and it's where people need the business, Fox News reported.
Three-time "Bluegrass Artist of the Year" award-winning brother/sister duo Elaine and Lee Roy ("The Roys") present Gypsy Runaway Train, their third music album with a strong slice-of-life theme.
Since then, THEA has become a leader in regional transportation, building crucial roadways in Hillsborough County such as the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway and implementing innovative solutions including the first All Electronic Tolling Reversible Express Lanes in the world.
Now based in Nashville, Elaine and Lee Roy, a brother-and-sister duo collectively known as The Roys, return home to Massachusetts Sunday, to preview their new CD, "New Day Dawning," at the Bull Run Restaurant.
Aaron Michael Bowers and Justin Lee Roy face a long list of misdemeanor charges - but no felonies - in connection with the alleged crime spree.
Lee Roy Herron and his high school buddy David Nelson signed up for Marine Corps officer training in the 1960s, which took them in different directions in their lives.
I'd like to believe I have been able to do that for my friend Lee Roy Herron, who was killed in action in the Vietnam War.
Just as Welty created a series of layered images in her photographs of the fair posters, she creates a similarly layered text in "Keela," which examines the whole spectrum of Southern history through her character Keela/Little Lee Roy.