Ledum palustre

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A homeopathic first aid remedy used to treat acute trauma, such as bites, stings, bruises, contusions and eye injuries; Ledum is also used for rheumatic and gouty pain.
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Eleven different remedies had been used, however the majority of respondents named Whitetail spider nosode (38.9%, n=7) and/or Ledum palustre (22.2%, n=4).
Mineral nutrition and leaf longevity in an evergreen shrub, Ledum palustre ssp.
Ledum Palustre: Can help in the healing of puncture and nail wounds, animal scratches, bites, fractures, and even black eyes or any type of bruising.
I collected leaf, stem, and root litter of two sedges, Carex bigelowii and Eriophorum vaginatum, two evergreen shrubs, Vaccinium vitis-idaea and Ledum palustre, one deciduous shrub, Betula nana, and litter of two mosses, Sphagnum balticum and Hylocomium splendens, from tussock and heath tundra near Toolik Lake, Alaska (68 [degrees] 38[minutes] N, 149 [degrees] 34[minutes] W, elevation 760 m).
I immediately administered Ledum palustre 200C, the specific antidote of choice for spider bite, to the third doe, and observed immediate improvement and elimination of all symptoms.
Ledum palustre (marsh tea) is excellent for puncture wounds, insect bites, and tetanus.
Of course not all the leaf primordia will develop into leaves; a bud of the dwarf birch, or yernik, (Betula nana) contains about 21 or 22 leaf primordia, and may in fact produce 7 or 8 leaves; the marsh rosemary (Ledum palustre) only develops 12-14 of the 26-28 it could grow, and the other leaf primordia die.