Sully, 20th-century French psychiatrist. See: Ledermann formula.
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Professor Jonathan Ledermann, gynaecological cancer expert at Cancer Research UK, said: "It's hugely troubling that more women are dying from womb cancer, but we shouldn't let this cloud the fact that the chances of surviving the disease are still better than ever.
Professor Jonathan Ledermann, Cancer Research UK's gynaecological cancer expert, said: "It's clear we're making great progress but we don't yet fully understand what's driving up cases of womb cancer, so there's still lots more to do.
Furthermore, some protagonists of the recent methodological debate have emphasized that their methodological stance is driven by the goal to produce policy-relevant knowledge (Frey and Ledermann 2010; George and Benett 2005: 263-285; Pawson 2006; Sager and Andereggen 2011).
1998) and the Ledermann hypothesis (Ledermann 1956), which posits that changes in average drinking levels would affect heavy use and problems.
Ledermann during a press briefing, where the results were disclosed.
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He quotes 1988 Nobel physicist Leon Ledermann as saying "it is probably more important for the non-science major to acquire an understanding of how science works and how it interacts with other social forces, than it is to have that student memorize a large body of scientific facts.