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The assailant, a 65-year-old Israeli man named Arik Lederman, was arrested 90 minutes later. 
He is survived by three children: Melanie (David) Dillon, Wendy Lederman, Jared (Karen) Kowalczyk; four grandchildren: Kaylie and Linsey Lederman, Cooper and Calvin Kowalczyk; two siblings: Marianne Anderson and Christine (James) Lammersfeld; and several nieces and nephews.
In addition, Randal Klein, Evan Lederman and David Proman were named to the board of directors.
"I do not welcome this President to my city," Lynnette Lederman was quoted as saying by CNN as she was responding to questions regarding a letter from Jewish leaders who asked Trump to not visit Pittsburgh.
Indeed Lederman (1992) states, "'adequate understanding of the nature of science' or an understanding of 'science as a way of knowing' continues to be convincingly advocated as a desired outcome of science instruction".
The name was the invention of Leon Lederman, himself a great physicist, who used it as the title of a popular book in 1993.
"These people are quite ill," said Seth Lederman, MD, Tonix CEO, in an interview.
Ben Brooks-Dutton's wife Desreen, mum to their son Jackson, two, died when retired stockbroker Geoffrey Lederman, 85, mounted a pavement and ran her over in Hampstead, North London, in November 2012.
Lederman provides this handbook from theoretical and applied perspectives on the therapeutic role of stretching in restoring range of movement (ROM).
Adi Lederman confessed as part of a plea bargain to "hacking in to a number of computers working with Madonna, and selling the musical files of Madonna he copied from those computers to two buyers," the justice ministry said.