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(lĕd′ər-bûrg′, lā′dər-), Joshua Born 1925.
American geneticist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for work with genetic mechanisms.
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com, or through appointment with Dov Lederberg, dovlederberg@gmail.
Further, family members provide protection and nurturance for their young, support and care for their ill (Rait & Lederberg, 1990), and scaffold one another through generational experience for life transitions.
Nobel Prize recipient Joshua Lederberg made a speech in 1991 entitled "Communication as the Root of Scientific Progress" (Lederberg 1993).
As Ian Willams writes for our next issue, "In 2002, Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg coined the term "superorganism" to describe the ensemble of human and non-human cells that constitute our body.
Segundo Rait e Lederberg (1990), os cuidados oferecidos pelas familias aos pacientes com cancer podem ser divididos em cinco categorias:
These debates gained exposure in 1975 at the Asilomar Conference, where Joshua Lederberg was the most outspoken supporter for this emerging field in biotechnology.
I am writing this column in February, and a few days ago, Joshua Lederberg died (Broad, 2008).
Geneticist and microbiologist Joshua Lederberg, PhD, winner of a Nobel Prize in 1958 for his work in bacterial genetics, died Feb.
El doctor Joshua Lederberg, ganador del premio Nobel de medicina en 1958, dijo una vez: "El microbio que infecto a un nino en un continente distante el dia de ayer, puede enfermar a uno aqui manana y eso crear una pandemia".
King, literacy crusader Ruth Johnson Colvin, historian and journalist Paul Johnson and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Joshua Lederberg.
I recently had the privilege of a private meeting with Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg.