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(lĕd′ər-bûrg′, lā′dər-), Joshua Born 1925.
American geneticist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for work with genetic mechanisms.
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And, finally, Georgia Sutherland had been working with Joshua Lederberg on knowledge elicitation and putting that knowledge into separate tables.
Lederberg noted that in the absence of such changes, "the precedents affecting the long-term rationale of social policy will be set, not on the basis of well-debated principles, but on the accidents of the first advertised examples."
There are studies suggesting positive correlation between parenting stress and behavior problems including conduct disorder, social aggression, attention problem and anxiety withdrawal among children with hearing impairment (Abidin, Jenkins and McGhaughey, 1992; Holden, and Ritchie, 1991), parental stress and poorer social and emotional development and higher levels of behavior problems in deaf and hard of hearing children (Crnic and Low, 2002; Hintermair, 2006; Lederberg and Everhart, 2000), and between inconsistent parenting and behavior problem in children (Brubaker and Szakowski, 2000), and between maternal stress and teacher's reported immaturity in children (Hagborg, 1989).
Nobel Prize winner Joshua Lederberg dubbed this inner ecosystem a microbiome, acknowledging its complexity and interconnectedness." (1) Water is the cornerstone of achieving a superorganism potential and in restoring wholeness.
Joshua Lederberg once described the Ellison Foundation, "Our job is to fund the new, the unconventional, and to take chances that others won't.
Shih and Lederberg (1976) reported that N[H.sub.2]Cl induces lesions in DNA and cause a disinfection effect.
Muller, and Joshua Lederberg urged that the USA establish a large-scale eugenics program, and Crick suggested "the reversible sterilization of the citizenry by placing 'something into our food' and licensing 'the people with the qualities we like' to bear children." Cited by Howard L.
She lived in Jerusalem with her husband, artist Dov Lederberg. Just as her earlier work of archeological drawings and realistic portrait painting reflected her humanistic background, her later recondite work, revealing energy patterns and spiritual truths, reflected her turn to a Torah-centered life.
Family members of an individual diagnosed with cancer are so affected by the cancer experience as to be considered cancer survivors themselves (A National Action Plan, 2004; Rait & Lederberg, 1990).
He did receive International recognition for this work including the nomination for the Nobel Prize by none other than Nobelist Professor Joshua Lederberg (Eugene Garfield, personal communication).
Los virus con genoma de ARN son los de mayor variacion, sobre todo porque sus polimerasas no tienen capacidad de correccion, a diferencia de aquellos con genoma de ADN, que generalmente usan la ADN polimerasa de alta fidelidad del hospedero (Lederberg, 1998).