Leber, Theodor


Theodor, German ophthalmologist, 1840-1917.
amaurosis congenita of Leber - an autosomal recessive cone-rod abiotrophy causing blindness or severely reduced vision at birth.
Leber hereditary optic atrophy - hereditary degeneration of the optic nerve and papillomacular bundle, resulting in rapid loss of central vision.
Leber idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis - a unilateral neuroretinitis with perifoveal exudates in Henle nerve fiber layer producing a macular star and spontaneous regression in a few months. Synonym(s): stellate neuroretinitis
Leber plexus - a small venous plexus in the eye between the venous sinuses of the sclera (of Schlemm) and the spaces of the iridocorneal angle (of Fontana).
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