Leather Restraints

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Leather straps with locks which may be attached to the solid parts of a trolley/gurney to physically restrain the limbs of patients whose potentially violent movement can harm themselves and others
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There were no instances of oversedation requiring pharmacological reversal or intubation, few individuals suffered seizures outside of the emergency department and the use of leather restraints declined dramatically.
5%) for leather restraints and 1 required a sitter.
After evidence emerged for unacceptably high incidences of delirium, leather restraint use and intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, an institution wide, multi-disciplinary Alcohol Withdrawal Task Force convened to standardize and guide the approach to manage individuals with acute medical or surgical illness who were also at high risk for alcohol withdrawal.
Federal court documents say that shortly after Meyers entered the treatment room where Soto's legs and hands were bound by leather restraints, Meyers, ``without any provocation or request for assistance from the hospital staff,'' drew his service revolver and pointed it at Soto's head while standing at the foot of the bed.
McDonough participated in BDSM on a regular basis, using knives, ropes and leather restraints during sex.
Soto's hands and legs were bound by leather restraints, and he was surrounded by several hospital staffers, most of whom were male, including a hospital security guard, officials said.