Leather Restraints

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Leather straps with locks which may be attached to the solid parts of a trolley/gurney to physically restrain the limbs of patients whose potentially violent movement can harm themselves and others
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The pictures, passed on exclusively to The Western Mail, show injuries suffered by Patrick Loughlin after he was tied up at Japan's Nagoya Detention Centre in leather restraints and body belts.
"I will never forget waking up in that hospital bed, seeing the leather restraints on my ankles, my bandaged wrists tethered to the bed rails.
Following realization that management of this group was often characterized by severe withdrawal symptoms (delirium tremens, seizures and the need for leather restraints), a Task Force developed protocols to guide care.
Twenty-three percent of the sample had orders for soft restraints, 1 (1.5%) for leather restraints and 1 required a sitter.
McDonough participated in BDSM on a regular basis, using knives, ropes and leather restraints during sex.